Painting with fingers

Painting with fingersLee Vasey has been playing Spanish guitar for as long as he can remember and has written solo guitar pieces that never get heard, other than by his family and friends.So ‘Painting with fingers’ is a labour of love that has taken many years to evolve and at long last it’s now available for you to enjoy. Lee plays all the instruments on this 12 track CD, but focuses on the beautiful warm sound of the Spanish guitar.

Copies of this CD are available at his solo gigs for a mere £5. Alternatively you can give Lee a call on 01603 418361 and he will arrange for a copy to be sent out to you, with a small additional charge made to cover the postage.

Why not take some time out to listen to these tracks taken from Lee Vasey’s ‘Painting with fingers‘ album? Enjoy!

Fire Dance :


I’ll Meet You There :


Djanjo’s Revenge :


It Started With A Dream :


You’re My Happy Thought :


Latin Doll :


The Musical

Lee Vasey is always looking for ways to explore his love of music and has had the idea of writing a musical for a very long time. The subject of alcoholism is something that is often associated with the music business, and Lee therefore has seen and witnessed the harsh effect it can have on people’s lives, including their close friends and family. He therefore decided to use these experiences and knowledge as a basis for his musical project and during 2010 the idea was born.

The storyline of the musical tells how a person who has an alcohol problem affects the lives of their family and in particular their children. As a result the child has the same issues, and so the problems start all over again in the next generation thus continuing with the vicious circle. The circle needs to be broken otherwise the problem escalates out of control, and you will be pleased to learn that Lee’s musical does have a happy ending when the circle is indeed broken.

The musical incorporates the Serenity Prayer, the original version of which was written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous. The message it contains will therefore be familiar to anyone who has worked with the AA program.

As yet the musical is unnamed, but after many long hours working in his studio at home together with members of his band and other musicians, some of the tracks have been mixed and are close to completion.